Chiaro is made up of many components, all combined to bring out the gifts of a unique terroir. In a land traditionally devoted to the production of wine in one of the most famous wine regions of Italy. We wanted to create  something special, full of passion with hints of the past and from the future, to distinguish ourselves with our wines.

The spirit behind our work is the same as generations of wine producers, one of love for the land and its fruits. The result of these ideas are our still wines and Prosecco to be enjoyed fully, to discover all the authenticity of a land and the passion of a winemaker. The Veneto region in which Chiaro was born is a prosperous wine-growing region where for centuries, it was the Italian region that produces the greatest number of DOC’s.

The particular structure of the soil and the vast sun exposure in these areas gives red wines a ruby red color and intense aroma, with vague memories of pink, raspberry, a dry taste but light, smooth, and a round body with a harmonious, herbaceous aroma. The white wines come from grapes grown in a climate ideal for grape growing in areas covered by cold winds from the north, but at the same time protected from the high mountain ranges and well exposed to the sun. They are pale in color with pale pink, shades of gold and an intense distinctive fruity and flowery aroma. The flavor is dry and fine, noble, pleasant and always harmonious.

Chiaro is ready for growth and the selection of the best wines on the Italian territory is our commitment to you.

There are many areas to explore in Italy, all with different characteristics… and with different proposals. Expect pleasant surprises!